Get with the Program

We're in the last couple weeks of "school" (aka, Parents Day Out) that I go to once a week, and last week was the annual Song Fest. I've obviously never been a part of a "song fest" so I had no idea what to expect. Did they get all the kids together to sing a medley of AC/DC songs?

Not quite...turns out we sing songs like "The wheels on the bus" and something about alligators and turtles. I wasn't really paying attention.
I mostly sucked my thumb the whole time...shocker

Or tried to eat the buttons on my shirt
It got a little bit cooler as the songs went on, and I
did actually start to participate a little bit, though there are no real photographs to prove this.
But by the last song, I'd had enough. I'm pretty sure the girl in the green next to me with the blank stare on her face feels the same.

I've really been busy these last couple weeks, so check back soon for another update.
I'll give you a clue, there's a superhero and a cardboard box involved.


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