When you gotta go...

Just winding down the school year, and haven't been doing a whole lot of anything except maybe sleeping. You know what they say...early to bed, early to rise. We take that saying very serious in this house.

Fossie started a preschool gymnastics class that he is currently obsessed with (bonus: his best buddy from school/neighbor, Hadley, is in his class, too, and he didn't even know it). The kid likes to err on the side of caution. I think he gets that from Dad.

I titled this one "When you gotta go.." even if it's at the bus stop and it's raining out.

Back to me, Dad took me on a date the other night for some chinese food and a book signing with Wade Phillips, or Son of Bum, as Dad likes to call him. Not sure what that means, but I do know he used to coach the Denver Broncos, and has grandkids my age, so I was pretty stoked. Someone did, however, point out that he looks a lot like Captain Kangaroo, which Mom thought was funny. But I didn't see the resemblance to a kangaroo at all.


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