Fun-filled weekend + the first day of KINDERGARTEN!

We had quite the weekend with Mimi, Grandpa, Uncle Matt and his girlfriend, Sid, in town visiting. Friday was spent at the museum because it was chilly and rainy. That night, we watched old home movies of Dad and Aunt Gabe in a headstand competition. So naturally we decided to have one of our own...

I won.

Then the older folk decided to get involved. Grandpa and Mimi actually did really well!

But it should come as no surprise that the young adults won the competition as they are the most spry and nimble of the group. 

Mimi and the babes - these two kids were obsessed with Mimi all weekend, and even had somewhat of a competition going for her attention.

Saturday morning we headed up to Boulder for a hike ... but that was after we replaced a flat tire once we arrived. Yep, it was that kind of a day.

The crew

The descent ... this wasn't your Grandma's hike ... well, technically it was my Grandma's, and we did see several grandparents on the hike. So I take it back.

Then, drum roll please....that's right, it has arrived! Mom is pretty sure I want to be a Superhero when I grow up, but I was getting a little nervous the days leading up to my first day, and when that happens, I tend to become a real Mama's girl...hence the photographer comment.

Me and the 'rents.

Me and the sis (Foster was busy having breakfast and I didn't want him to mess up my uniform).

We rode our bikes to school (thank goodness because parking was atrocious). This is my friend, Maddi, from preschool last year who is also in my class. A familiar face always helps.

Big kindergartner

Lining up to head inside...

Had to say goodbye to Mom before I went in ... I wasn't sure about the whole thing at this point, but I put on my big girl pants and carried on. And I had a great day. Piece of cake.


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