Shameless plug

That's right, we had to open with a shameless plug for Mom and mention the Cooper River Bridge 10k she did while in Charleston with her high school friends a few weeks ago. She was pretty proud of herself (though I'm confused why, she didn't even run the whole thing?!)

Then she came home to this...the biggest snowflakes ever seen

And a few days later, this was the view.

Up next, Maida's new 'do! And the cutest sleepover ever...

Then Mom and Dad took a quick trip to NYC to take in a show and likely just get away from us for a couple days.

Right after they got back was Easter, and the bunny didn't disappoint.
Though he did scare us a bit, as always.

Nice Easter outfits, right?! Mom just gave up on us...

Meanwhile, even though I hate to admit it (because anyone who knows us knows Maida and I are arch enemies most of the time), here's a photo of Mae killing it at soccer.


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