Nebraska Trip

We had a busy February/early March so far! Two trips, one to Nebraska and one to the mountains, 5 birthdays celebrated (yes, 5)... so we've got some catching up to do.

First stop, our Nebraska trip. We hit up downtown Omaha upon arrival to have lunch at Upstream Brewery where it all began for the Kroll Family 17 years ago.

Then to the infamous slides in downtown Omaha. Mom remembers going down these as a kid, but she failed to mention that depending on the fabric of your pants and the trajectory of your body, you can easily fly off these things at mach 90. There were some screams of joy, and also pure terror.

Dinner with some of Mom's oldest friends and all their kiddos

And then onto the Henry Doorly Zoo to meet the cousins

The rest of our time in Nebraska was pretty low key, which was nice. 
We did some park playing..

Played A LOT of games. Our faves being Oh Snap!, Blokes and the weird one with the plastic things you put in your mouth (pictured below with Mimi and Grandpa).

And what trip with Aunt Gabe would be complete without her infamous chalk drawings. Her BB8 might be my fave so far.

And some trampoline jumping - Mom smartly sat this one out to avoid two things, 1) peeing her pants, and 2) a massive headache 

We had so much fun with our Nebraska family. Now the only question is when are they moving back to Colorado?!


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